Privacy Policy


At Made Simple the privacy and security of our customers and users are of paramount importance. We understand your concern over the privacy of any personal information you supply to us, and your need to control this information.
Our overall policy is one of collecting only the information necessary to communicate with our customers about the Made Simple products they are interested in, and/or the information required to process the sale of one of our products. We do not collect any other information, nor share any of the information we collect with anyone.

Made Simple offers Software Solutions and operates a platform under the Made Simple Products where Users can download, interact with, and submit content and obtain services related to or in connection with our Made Simple Products. We describe our Made Simple Products including our websites, web and mobile apps, platform, content, , services, and any product or service that links to this Made Simple Privacy Policy—in our Made Simple Terms of Use. This Privacy Policy explains how we treat information from or about you, including how we collect, use, and share information on our Made Simple Products.

Made Simple is willing to guarantee that any information addressed to the public or to the Data subject shall be concise, easily accessible and easy to understand, and that clear and plain language and, additionally, where appropriate, visualization be used. Such Information, when addressed to the public, is provided through the Website. Made Simple Privacy Policy is a document that will need regular reviews and updates, to make sure it is up-to-date with our Data practice and meets the latest requirements provided by Law. Any substantial or material change to our Privacy Policy, You will be sent an update notice.


Anonymous Use of our Website

You are free to visit our website, and access any information contained therein without revealing any information about yourself. Any identifying information collected in our web traffic logs is standard anonymous, domain-based information only — and may also include information such as your browser type, the referring site/URL, the time and duration of your visit, and the pages accessed. At no time will you be personally identifiable by us, and all web server log information is used for anonymous, aggregated traffic and site activity analysis.


Personal Information Collected During the Download of Free Software 

When you download one of our products for evaluation or for usage, we ask for a limited amount of personal information that will allow us to identify you in order to communicate with you effectively about the products you are interested in.
Currently, when you create your user account we collect your username, email address, company name, your general type of job function, the size of your development team, and the products you are interested in evaluating. In addition, our download logs automatically collect information such as your browser type, the date and time of your visit, the referring site/URL, and your IP address.

During the download process, we also provide the option for you to allow us to contact you in the future regarding the product you are accessing (including updates, fixes, enhancements and other information), and other Made Simple products that you may be interested in . We will not communicate with you if you choose not to enable this option — and we provide a mechanism for you to opt out of this communication in the future, if you so desire.

At no time will your personal information be sold, rented, or revealed in any way to a Third Party We will not use the information you provide to us for any purpose other than to communicate with you about our products in the most efficient way possible. You will have the ability to add information to your profile after registration. We may collect information about the people, content, and experiences you connect to and how you interact with them across our Made Simple Products. When you post, share or communicate with us or other Made Simple Users on our Products, we receive and store those communications and information associated with them, such as the date a post was created. In addition, depending on which Made Simple Services you use, you have the option of submitting information about your physical features and dimensions. We also collect content and information that other people provide when they use Made Simple Products. This can include information about you, like when they send us an abuse report that refers to you.


Personal Information Collected During the Purchase of Our Products  When you purchase one of our products, we ask for the standard and necessary information required to identify you and process the transaction. This includes information about You, and information about the Product you are purchasing.

At present, the information collected during the purchase process includes your full name, address, telephone number, company name, e-mail address, IP address, the purchase date and time, and sufficient credit card information (type, number, expiry date) to authorize the transaction with your card provider.

When you purchase one of our products, we automatically add your name and e-mail address to our database of customers in order to communicate with you in the future about the product you have purchased (including updates, fixes, enhancements and other information), and other Made Simple products that you may be interested in. We will not communicate with you if you choose to disable this option — and we provide a mechanism for you to opt out of this communication in the future, if you so desire.

At no time will your personal information nor purchase information (including credit card information) be sold, rented, or revealed in any way to a Third-party. We will not use the information you provide to us for any purpose other than to communicate with you about our Products in the most efficient way possible.


The Security of Our Technology

Made Simple makes every reasonable effort to ensure the absolute security of all of the systems that comprise our website, database, and e-commerce mechanisms — as well as the workstations that access these systems for administration and analysis.

We take all steps necessary to ensure that our own systems, as well as the systems of our service providers are physically secure, and electronically secure. All company systems and affiliated systems are password protected. Any and all transmissions of sensitive information (such as customer credit card information) — from customer workstations to web and e-commerce servers, between and among processing and storage systems, and from company systems to administration workstations — are fully encrypted.

We do not utilize bulk mailing technology that reveals your e-mail address to others being mailed to (for instance, during the bulk mailing of a newsletter).
At no time will any Made Simple Software Product collect nor reveal any personal information about anyone using the product — during development or production use within an application — unless the Made Simple Products or source code has been specifically modified or configured for this purpose by the customer .

For safety and security, we inform You that we use information about You and Your Service use to verify accounts and activity, to monitor suspicious or fraudulent activity and to identify violations of Service policies. To protect our legitimate business interests and legal rights, where required by law or where we believe it is necessary to protect our legal rights, interests and the interest of others, we use information about You in connection with legal claims, compliance, regulatory, and audit functions, and disclosures in connection with the acquisition, merger or sale of a business.

With Your consent, we use information about You where You have given us consent to do so for a specific purpose not listed above. For example, testimonials or featured customer stories to promote the Services, with Your permission.

Legal bases for processing (for EEA Users): if You are an individual in the European Economic Area (EEA), we collect and process information about you only where we have legal bases for doing so under applicable EU laws. The legal bases depend on the Services you use and how You use them. This means we collect and use your information only where:

  • we need it to provide You the Services, including to operate the Services, provide customer support and personalized features and to protect the safety and security of Services;
  • it satisfies a legitimate interest, such as for research and development, to market and promote the Services and to protect our legal rights and interest;
  • we receive You consent to do so for a specific purpose; or
  • we process Your Data to comply with a legal obligation.


Data Protection Officer


To communicate with our Data Protection Officer, please use the contact information on our official website.


Identifying the Data Controller and Processor


Data protection law in certain jurisdictions differentiates between the “controller” and “processor” of information. In general, Customer is the controller of Customer Data. In general, Made Simple is the Processor of Customer Data and the controller of Other Information. Different Made Simple entities may provide the Services in different parts of the world. 


Date Subject Rights:


(Chapter 3 of the GDPR) each Data Subject has eight rights. These are:


1.the right to be informed; This means anyone processing your personal data must make clear what they are processing, why and who else the data may be passed to;

  1. the right of access; this is your right to see what data is held about you by a Data Controller;
  2. the right to rectification; the right to have your Data corrected or amended if what is held is incorrect in some way;
  3. the right to erasure; under certain circumstances you can ask for your personal Data to be deleted. This is also called “the right to be forgotten”. This would apply if the personal Data is no longer required for the purposes it was collected for, or your consent for the processing of that data has been withdrawn, or the personal Data has been unlawfully processed;
  4. the right to restrict processing; this gives the Data Subject the right to ask for a temporary halt to processing of personal Data, such as in the case where a dispute or legal case has to be concluded, or the Data is being corrected;
  5. the right to data portability; a Data Subject has the right to ask for any data supplied directly to the Data Controller by him or her; to be provided in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format;
  6. the right to object; the Data Subject has the right to object to further processing of their data which is inconsistent with the primary purpose for which it was collected, including profiling, automation, and direct marketing;
  7. Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling; Data Subjects have the right no to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing.


Your Rights


Under data protection law you have the right to change or withdraw Your consent and to request details of any personal Data that we hold about You. Where we have no legitimate reason to continue to hold Your information, You have the right to be forgotten.

We may use automated decision making in processing your personal information for some Services and Products. You can request a manual review of the accuracy of an automated decision if You are unhappy with it. If You have registered an account on Made Simple, You have the right to correct, delete or modify the personal Data You provided to us and associated with Your account.

If You wish to inform us of changes in consent for marketing, please contact us through our official website.


Definition of “Third Party”

For the sake of clarity, a “third party” is defined as anyone not a part of, nor directly affiliated with Made Simple. Those directly affiliated include service providers (who, in providing services such the hosting and processing mechanisms of our websites have access to the information contained within their own systems) and resellers and affiliate sale partners (who collect customer and transaction information on our behalf).
In no case will anyone directly affiliated with Made Simple use the information revealed to them for any purpose other than to provide the information to Made Simple for the use outlined in the preceding sections above.

We may transfer personal Data we have collected from you to a Third-Party Data processor located in Countries outside of the European Economic Area ('EEA'). We will comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 in respect of any such transfers. Please, be aware that such Countries which are outside of EEA may not have the same level of Data governed by this Privacy Policy.

By using and / or shopping on the Website, You consent to the transfer of Your personal Data to Third Party Data processors located in countries outside of the European Economic Area ('EEA')


For Further Information 


If you have any further questions regarding the information Made Simple collects, or how we use it, then please feel free to contact us through our official website.

Resolving Complaints

If you have concerns about the way Made Simple is handling your User Personal Information, please let us know immediately. We want to help. You may contact us through our official website with the subject line “Privacy Concerns”. We will respond promptly - within 45 days at the latest.